Capstone Blog Post: Feedback Week / by Thomas McGillicuddy

This week the team focused mainly on player feedback and getting combat to a satisfying state. I was in charge of fixing a few bugs with the objective manager and working on some polish (an area I’m not super engaged with).

Our feedback consisted of screen shake and a fun little physics rigid body effect with the robot that explode into various pieces when they die. The robot’s death was rather simple, each mesh has a box collider and a rigid body, then a manager adds random force and direction to each object making it look like it’s spinning.

I also overhauled the combat system this week since the previous input detection was rather inconsistent and not as easily traceable over the network. Things like new input streams and checks for interaction made the whole experience a lot less buggy. Did still hit a bug with the objective tree though, where the ECS tree instance lost connections.

Finally, we went to QA twice this week with different builds. One from the week prior, which had minimal feedback, and again with the new build. The responses were much more positive and engaged with the new feedback systems. One comment that really stuck with me though was that the enemies were fun to kill now, but not really fun to “fight.”

That has influenced what our next big focus needs to be going forward, creating challenge.