Capstone Blog Post: Final Dev Week / by Thomas McGillicuddy

This was the final week our team was dedicated to wholly working on the game before getting ready for the final presentation.

Because of this, we wanted to return to the core system of our game, the guns. I was in charge of making the elemental effects really show in the game world, in the bullets and enemy status effects. Luckily, Amanda was able to use my gun builder to very quickly put together a bunch of new guns for us to show off in the latest build.

I also was fixing up some sequence breaking bugs for the objective system that would confuse or stop the player’s progression through the level. These changes were warmly received as at the latest QA, aside from a minor bug with the control scheme, everyone was able to go through the motions of gameplay without any guidance.

All in all, we’re in a good spot for the end, and any issues or lacking content are easily being added this final touch up week.