Capstone Blog Post:First Semester Postmortem / by Thomas McGillicuddy

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So it’s over! Capstone has come to a close and my team’s game, Tales from Space, made it through! Learned a lot from working on it this semester, both for my skills making tools, but also just as a team member and developer. Here you’ll find my postmortem on how I think the whole thing went.

The Good

Bullet has been hands down the best team I’ve worked on while here at Champlain. We had a solid concept, worked well together and had great team cohesion, and were able to prioritize things effectively. I’m glad that most if not all of the team members actively listened to my ideas and concerns when they came up, and they offered just as many creative and fun solutions. Everyone was actively reading documentation and solving issues on their own. We gave everyone opportunities to let go of any frustration with the team, and that helped alleviate any pressure early on.

The Bad

This semester went pretty smoothly for the most part, not that many bad things to note (but I will note them anyway). I think the main negative item was the early setbacks we faced due to how we ran our sprints. With team members needing work from the other in the same sprint, we failed some sprints because of just the unforeseen time one task would take which cascaded into the other tasks.


Overall, we are well prepared to handle next semester. Senior production, here we come!