Capstone Blog Post: Gameplay programming for Western Shooters / by Thomas McGillicuddy

This sprint I got to focus more on gameplay programming instead of backend technical work. We decided that we would have both programmers work on the gameplay prototype, which resulted in having the third person shooter systems and a few miscellaneous systems assigned to me.

I was able to get the third person shooter system running easily enough, with a few minor tweaks for a basic UI screen and score trackers. I used a basic raycasting system for the combat, so the damage is instantaneous. It makes it harder off the bat to do interesting things with particle effects, but it should be fine for a demo. I also added in a special camera rig that allows the player to zoom in when they want to fire, it also raycasts against the ground to prevent clipping.

Overall I think the team is working really well together. We weren’t as sure about the type of game this western one would be when we started, but by almost forcing us to think about the concept as a contrast to the other atompunk game, we came up with some really cool ideas that we may be able to take for the rest of the semester.