Capstone Blog Post: Fun with Gamesparks and Technical Challenges / by Thomas McGillicuddy

This week, I had to focus on the prototype of the Atom-punk twin stick shooter. WE still haven’t come up with a name for it, but that should be fine until we decide with game idea we’re going forward with. My role was to get the backend service with gamesparks working with multiple instances of Unity and begin creating wrappers for the data being sent across the network. I envisioned just being able to send transform information of two game objects, which I could tie into Zach’s prototype of the controls.

What ended up happening was that using gamesparks wasn’t as simple as I initially thought. While getting the instances to connect to the backend was easy enough, breaking them out into multiple match instances was harder than I anticipated. I had to define what a match was on the client side, which I was able to do. However, actually joining those matches and subscribing the data stream for that information was out of scope by the end of the weekend, when we have our code freeze scheduled. Going forward, I will need to better evaluate the needed attention for integrating gamesparks into our game. I still think it’s the best option for our game, just needs more work than I expected.