Advanced Seminar: Tanden Editor Proposal / by Thomas McGillicuddy

The Editor:

For my advanced seminar course my last semester at Champlain, I want to create an editor application built on top of the “Tanden Engine,” and open source Vulkan based game engine I’ve been working on with several other students.

I want the editor to emulate similar workflows to other game engines like Unreal or Unity, with an intuitive user interface and easy file loading and saving. Ideally, this editor will also function as an example “game” built on top of the engine. One thing that I would like to see this editor do is render scenes to images and compile them into a single video file.

This project would be a huge leap into my chosen field of game programming, tools and pipeline. The editor, being the ultimate tool in game development, is a fantastic way to interface with the complex pipeline that game engines offer. Our projected MVP doesn’t seem like too much, so I have confidence that we will meet our goal and very likely surpass it.

The Unknowns:

Right now there are a few unknowns in regards to how the the editor should be interfacing with the engine, and what operations should be engine controlled, and which editor controlled. What’s more, because the engine is not fully complete yet, it’s very hard to determine the entire scope and capability of the editor.

While certain things like the game object management and resource discovery/loading are in a fairly good place for the editor’s development, because the engine lacks certain loading capabilities for resources like images and models, it can’t be said with definitive understanding where an MVP might be.

The hope is that no later than week 7 we will have a functioning rendering system with perspective view, this will give us ample time to have the editor display basic UI elements and give the remaining semester to add in the more complex interfaces for individual components.

The External Requirements:

This is still a team project, and the engine’s development is on-going as said earlier. Because of this, the editor does have some risk to not being able to complete certain features/interfaces if the parent system isn’t ready or needs to be cut. Because my main focus is on the editor, I am almost at the mercy of those other team member’s work, but my extra time allows for defining specific requirements for the engine to help the other two prioritize.

Nils Steinbuegl Advanced Seminar Proposal

Rosser Martinez Advanced Seminar Proposal

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