Senior Production: Networking Combat and Objectives / by Thomas McGillicuddy

The first week for the programming team went really well! I think everything from the work that I did, to the work that the other programmers did was A+ and I’m more confident than ever that we’ll be a success.

I was able to get a more advanced version of networking running, though I had to shelf specific match instances for now in favor of a working v1 state. Movement and contract selection/loading is sending very nicely, along with a more robust player data tracking service running. I also got a chance this week to finalize some pipeline systems for contract building so that designers can more easily add their content to the game with fewer chances for messing up.

I was really happy with the work the programming team did this week, and everyone was fairly active in responding to questions from other team members and reaching out for new work. I hope that they can both keep up with the growing complexity of work we’ll be doing, but hopefully we can get to a state where we’re mainly running support instead of forging new systems from scratch.