Senior Production: THE MEGA GUN LIVES!! / by Thomas McGillicuddy

This week I was finally freed up enough to get into the MEGA GUN our team has been promising since the game’s conception. I had do a lot of re-abstracting the original gun systems to get the entire thing working properly, but I’m glad the transition was fairly painless.

Right now I’m also adding in features for players to customize colors of their mega gun, but for now I hard set the value to some random bright ones. You might also notice that we’ve started using Nil’s Cel shader on the weapons. The transition is taking longer than I had hoped, but I’m confident we can get our unique style to show through even more now with it.

SPOILER_Capture (1).PNG

One feature of the cel shader is extruding normal to get a kind of cheaper outline effect. Sadly it doesn’t work well with our model, so we may sadly have to forgo using it.

I was also pretty heavily into networking (again) to incorporate the new unlocking system we’re giving players, as well as continuing my on going feud with objective updates.

Luckily, Calvin started getting into the tools I made for the contract creation, and Amanda has taken the map creation in a new direction, opting to making high quality and slightly bigger maps, but reusing them to help expedite the contract creation process.

Lastly, the marketing team has decided that we need to change the game’s name. While I’m sad, I leave it to their judgement, so we need a new name. Gun Galaxy FTW.