Senior Production: Beta Boi / by Thomas McGillicuddy

It’s been quite a few weeks. Had break, then GDC, then slammed with work, so my sad little blog has been neglected. But I have returned to deliver my report for Tales from the Blasterverse right before we submit our Beta build!

GDC was fantastic. On top of the great connection I made, I got to learn a huge amount about my field and the new tech in it. One of the biggest highlights for sure was when I had an opportunity to talk to some devs that work on Gamesparks (the backend networking service we use) and they took a genuine interest in our work and what we accomplished. The even went so far as to reach out to me with questions and get feedback on the product. A good amount of what I learned at GDC really drove home that, while shaky in some areas, our game and team are trying to use real industry standard tactics to tackle our problems.

Coming back from GDC though, I honestly felt really overwhelmed with the amount of work piling up, and the pressure to deliver “final” versions of everything. I could tell that much of my work was holding parts of the team back, and that really cut into my personal morale early on. I’ve luckily been able to recover by the end of this week, but I’ll need work very efficiently to keep it from happening again.

With Beta comes bug bashing, and boy was it a big week for that. Old errors with mission nodes, and new errors with AI ate into my work schedule. But, both Nils and Zac did a really good job in keeping the entire team moving with little to no roadblocks. On top of that, the new found confidence in our networking system re-lit my passion for it, and I can confidently say that our game is 100% playable with multiplayer now.

All in all, this was a pretty good sprint. I just need to keep the motivation engine running a few more weeks.