Capstone Blog Post: Concepts and Prototyping Tech / by Thomas McGillicuddy

This is the blog to keep track of the development for my ever exciting and interesting senior capstone game at Champlain College. For the next dozen or so weeks, feel free to check back here to see what's new on the game, the team, and what wacky tech I choose to learn how to use.

For the first week of my capstone project the team had a great ramp up of game and team branding concepts. We started with around 50 game ideas and 15 team ideas that had to be culled rapidly so we could hit the ground running.

We settled on the two main concepts we'd prototype, an Atompunk Co-op twin stick shooter with RPG elements, and an Western themed 3rd person shooter with animals as the characters.

For the team name, we thought that the name "Bullet Mullet" had a lot of potential and could fit both game's feeling without much adjustment.

Finally, I started to prototype the high risk elements of both games, networking systems. Luckily I have had a backend provider in mind for quite some time, Amazon's Gamesparks. Because it uses AWS, it can scale up rapidly at no extra effort, it can support anywhere from our 2-4 player games, to 120 player games that we could experiment with. Getting the base account setup was easy, with a school account getting free 100,000 monthly active users, and well maintained Unity packages already made. I had requests to the main server running in less than two hours. The next steps going forward are creating the game state wrappers, and some concept specific systems for both the atompunk and western game. I will probably complete the atompunk baseline weapon loot generator in these last few days.