Crab game: it's in the name (January 2017)


The first complete game jam project I ever worked on!

Role: Lead Programmer

I worked with a bunch of other students on this game for the global game jam. "Crab game: its in the name" is a first person tower defense game that pits you against endless waves of CRABS!! Things will start off nice and easy with only the wimpy red crabs coming to attack you, but only escalate until you're swatting parachuting green crabs and tackling dashing rainbow crabs in a effort to keep your precious bathroom clean! 

The project involved a variety of interesting technical challenges that helped make the experience a fantastic learning opportunity.  Issues relating to optimization became apparent as enemy units on screen grew with each new wave. We found that by keeping the AI very simple, we could achieve around 200 crabs in the game at once. 

I directly used an instance of the observer pattern to make a score tracker completely decoupled from the player's actions. This lead to a better workflow with the other programmer on the project that was in-charge of the input system, as he didn't need to worry about updating score data along with applying damage to hit enemies.

The art style itself was a small technical hurdle, as we opted to use 2d sprites in our 3d environment. This meant implementing a system that took into account the player's position and turned the sprites to face the player's camera as to not break the illusion of the object being planes in the world.

More than just what I learned technically, I had to manage the team in a high stress environment. It was my first bout with really using a repository with a game seriously. I ended up messing up a few times, and that is why I have started to implement the Git Flow branching model to properly protect the repository from messing up.

Made in Unity. Art Assets by Jason Cotugno and Brennan Howell. Programming by Nils Steinbuegl and myself.

Grab it on Github!!

Grab it on Github!!

Checkout the GGJ Submission!

Checkout the GGJ Submission!