Maya Vehicle Rigger

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This is a tool I wrote in Python for Maya that assists users in rigging wheeled vehicles. The goal was to streamline the process for rigging systems that animate via mathematical algorithms.

Wheels will rotate based on their position in the world accurately to their circumference.

Controls for the vehicles root, turn vector, and forward position are dynamically made for the mesh. A basic animation control panel is also generated that can be used to animate the rig in-place.

Model Configuration

A user would define the base chassis of the rig to start. This defines the root controller.

Users can then create and assign various meshes to different wheel groups. These groups can be set to behave differently depending on certain variables.

The “Is Static” option prevents a wheel group from turning when the turn controller is moved.

The “Reverse Steering“ options will rotate the wheels in the opposite direction when turning, this is useful for rear wheels that might behave this way to assist in tight turns.

The user can then set the variables that effect all wheel groups equally. “Max Rotation” will clamp the turn controller to certain angles, and “Speed” is a basic multiplier for the rate at which wheels turn.

This was made as my final for my technical art course in the fall of 2017.


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